Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Designer Spotlight: Deux Lux

Viens Avec Moi is happy to carry a variety of designers. We love brands with a story. One such story at the store this Spring is Deux Lux.

Created by a mother-daughter team, launched in 2005, Deux Lux is an amazing brand with tonnes of character! Putting out original designs as well as less expensive bags that gather inspiration from high-end designers. 

Particularly this season we are OBSESSED with their cosmetics cases.  The disco-ey woven gold and silver cases are gorgeous while the two-texture floral and snake cases are the complete embodiment of Spring!

One of the best parts of Deux Lux is their use of animal-friendly materials; and since the design team is made up of a mum and daughter team, they transcend age and are appropriate and trendy for women in all walks of life!

Check them out in store while we still have them!

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