Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Good Reads

No house is complete without stacks and stacks of books. These days books belong everywhere, not just on a shelf. Here's a few of our favourite tomes to make your house a home.

The Kinfolk Table: If you love Kinfolk Magazine, you will LOVE The Kinfolk Table. Full of recipes and beautiful pictures that will make you want to get your best friends together for a dinner party ASAP.

Edible Selby: The latest book in Todd Selby's Selby Project, Edible Selby dives headfirst into the kitchens of notable culinary figures. If you're the type of person who loves seeing how other people cook/live/eat this book is ideal for you.

Grace: A Memoir: Taking the fashion world by storm last year, this book is a must for every fashion lover's coffee table.  Grace Coddington of Vogue fame has had one of the longest and most successful careers in fashion, all while mainly staying out of the limelight and staying true to her craft. The book is full of amazing stories, from her time as a model in England, to her career in magazines.

Where Chefs Eat: This book is made for the person who hates the average. When traveling, it's always best to go where the locals go, so when dining, it's best to eat where the chefs eat! Filled with restaurant tips from over 400 chefs, this little guide book is sure to please even the pickiest palette. 

Helmut Newton: Polaroids: From legendary photographer, Helmut Newton comes this beautiful coffee table book. From fashion, to lifestyle, Helmut captured it all in the 1960's and '70's. The pictures are absolutely stunning.

Stylists: New Fashion Visionaries: If you ever wondered how a magazine editorial, lookbook or ad campaign comes together, this book is for you. Highlighting the inspiration and work of the top stylists working in the industry from Lady Gaga's former stylist to Marc Jacobs collaborator, Katie Grand. This book gives amazing insight into a part of the industry that is often overlooked.

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