Sunday, 30 March 2014

Monday Muse: Jenna Lyons

Strong women are the best, and what's stronger than taking the reins and re-shaping a company and creating an entirely new lifestyle brand.

Jenna Lyons, is just that strong woman. Taking over at J. Crew and rejuvenating it into a brand and a lifestyle, in the meantime cultivating a following for herself that rivals the head of any other fashion label or store.

We love Jenna for her fearlessness. She always goes with her instincts and she rarely misses a step. She's the queen of mixing patterns and of looking ambiguously chic.

 The great thing about Ms. Lyons is that she sticks behind her brand. With her creative genius and ingenuity she was able to singlehandedly turn J. Crew into the juggernaut of style that it is today.

She's the effortlessly cool big sister who teaches you about all the coolest bands.

Oh and did we mention that this is what her closet looks like? SWOON!!

Check out our tips for getting Jenna's effortless style after the jump!

J. Brand Kassidy Skinny Zip Utility Pant: $228 ON SALE $180
Christelle Dress Pump: $180 ON SALE $135
Jenny Bird Shielded Necklace: $85
Oblivian T Shirt: $89

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