Tuesday, 25 November 2014

All about the boys

Seeing everyone slowly get festive is the reason December is one of our favourite months here at VAM. Between casual drinks with the guys & holiday get-together a ton of shopping also gets done in order to find that indispensable item for the right person in your life. What you are wearing seems to fall on the back burner which is why we have you gentlemen covered. Up the rickety stairs, the Les Gars section is stocked with more then what you need. 

Lets start at the top and work our way down. Layrite or Baxer hair gel water passed or clay are only a few of the questions that come to mind. While you are rummaging through our products section be sure to take a glance at the skin products.  Not feeling the hair that day, hide it. Muttonhead toques or textured 5 panels are on the shelves in a variety of shades.

Next on the list is that facial hair. All signs point to yes for you to rock it this winter but that does mean more maintenance. Beard oil, shaving cream and proper razors by Baxter or Dapper are all part of the essentials.

The neck is next and a sensitive topic. Whether you want to leave it bare with only a sprits of Baxter One or Two cologne or to take it up a notch with a tweed tie, never leave for an occasion without one or the other.

The perfectly dressed down look is what we aim for when offering styling advice. Rock-inspired dress shirts by 18 Waits are stocked in classic colours like black, white and navy blue. Feeling a tad more casual, then why not try layering with a muttonhead sweater. Sportswear-inspired pullovers that are both laid back and comfortable can never do any harm. Keep the pants simple opting for a dark Baldwin jean or a dress pant.

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