Saturday, 13 June 2015

Just in..Rails LA!

A new shipment of Rails LA has landed at VAM Boutique! Known for their butter soft, slouchy button ups, we can’t seem to get enough of this line. Founded in 2008 by LA native Jeff Abrams, this brand is inspired by the relaxed and casual (yet ultra chic!) feel of Southern California. It’s no wonder celebrities and fashion bloggers have taken to Rails LA! Find at VAM a variety of styles, from rompers to short and long sleeve button ups! 

“Since the beginning, we have had a strong following among celebrities and fashion trendsetters. I remember shortly after I began designing the shirts, Kate Moss was spotted wearing one, and I really felt like I had arrived! Now I get more enjoyment from seeing more anonymous girls wear them in their everyday life. Whether they are just passing me on the street, or enjoying their weekends out with friends, it’s exciting to see the Rails brand connecting with so many people.”

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