Monday, 14 April 2014

Monday Muse: Blake Lively

So I've got an addiction. A certain acquaintance recently opened my eyes to the glory that is watching old episodes of Gossip Girl on Netflix.  And with that new addiction comes a whole new girl crush in Serena van der Woodsen -- er -- Blake Lively.

While Blake's acting career hasn't extended much beyond her days at the Upper East Side's most-talked about, it's been her style that has captivated us over the years.

Acting as the muse for multiple design houses, Blake has been seen at fashion shows all over the world, always looking like the immaculately dressed life of the party. There's nary a photo of her not looking like she's having a blast.

And nothing goes with Chanel like a smile!

Check out our tips on getting Blake Lively's flawless style.

Motionless Dress: $210
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Jenny Bird Wildland Earrings: $60

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