Monday, 19 May 2014

Monday Muse: Gwen Stefani

This week we're paying homage to another stylish mama, as we get closer and closer to becoming stylish mamas ourselves, we can't help but take inspiration from these ladies who make mommy-hood look so GOOD.

Today's Monday Muse is probably the most stylin' mama of them all. Having three beautiful children with her rock-star husband, Gwen Stefani's style has resonated with us for every major steps in our lives.

From her blue hair, braces and bindi's in the 90's to making everyone want that ombre dip-dyed wedding dress and pink hair in 2000's. Gwen has always been a trailblazer and has always worn what feels natural to her. It just so happens that everything she wears looks amazing and what feels natural to her is the trend everyone will be talking about all season long.

She hasn't stopped since adding "Mom" to her list of job titles, (Other titles include, but are not limited to:  singer/songwriter/designer) only making herself cooler and more refined and beautiful as she enters her 40's.

We truly cannot get enough of Gwen Stefani, and will probably be following her style lead for the next 20 years as well.

Check out after the jump for our tips on getting Ms. Stefani's killer style.

Jogger Pant: $160
Filippa K Drapey Stripe Top: $149
Cadence Dress Boot: $210 ON SALE $188
Jenny Bird Chain Fringe Cuff: $95

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