Monday, 12 May 2014

Totally Obsessed: Consignment at its best

In my opinion, shopping is a zen experience. There is nothing finer than walking into a perfectly curated store merchandised in a way that is both pleasing to the eye and matches my shopping logic. Walking into a store that is full of mismatched hangers with items falling off racks is the best way to drive me directly out of your store.

This is my main gripe with consignment stores, they usually are not well organized, not well merchandised and give off the feeling that you're sorting through someone else's cast-offs. Which is exactly why we are totally OBSESSED with the latest in consignment. Alfred and Co. specializes in luxury consignment. Their online boutique has everything from clothing, shoes, bags, bridal, accessories, kids and even home decor.

Carrying everything from mid-range brands like Club Monaco, French Connection and BCBG, going all the way up to things like these STUNNING Lanvin flats. We are loving Alfred and Co. for their dedication to the best consignment product at competitive prices.

And we are SO EXCITED to announce a pop-up shop at for Alfred and Co. happening THIS WEEKEND at Viens Avec Moi.

See you there!! xo

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