Saturday, 12 March 2016

Félicité (aka Happiness)

Felicite { fi-lis-i-tee }
n. Translation “the state of being happy,” in a high degree; bliss: from happy + -ness.

Félicité is a lifestyle brand which focuses on creating easy and ready to wear garments. Over the years they have expanded from soft, lightweight boyfriend style shirting into a full collection of season appropriate ‘must have’ pieces.

Before creating Félicité, Venay, the brain behind the fashion label, worked in the heart of the fashion industry, launching over 30 ready-to-wear brands across Los Angeles and New York. So we feel confident when we say she knows what she’s doing!

So how did Félicité come about? It all began when Venay envisioned creating a line of clothing that was not only known for its everlasting quality, but allowed women to both look and feel their best – and what could be better than that?! So today, this high-end womenswear focuses on basic silhouettes, taking into consideration fit and versatility, incorporating flattering color palettes and fabrics to suit every woman. Scroll down to take a peek at some of the Félicité items we have in store, and pop by the shop this weekend to see even more! But hurry, you’re not the only one with their eyes on these items ;)

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